The Ultimate Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder Review

It is very hard to find to a butcher who can grind the meat the way you like it unless you trust your butcher. If you are searching for the right manual meat grinder, it can be overwhelming with so many options available in the market today to consider. If you don’t know what to for in a meat grinder, you may end up with something that doesn’t meet your expectations. In this article, we have outlined a detailed review of Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder as one of the best manual meat grinder worth buying.

This manual meat grinder features a very powerful suction base that keeps it firmly attached to the countertop or even the table. This machine is mostly constructed of heavy-duty plastic and comes fitted with stainless steel blades and screens guaranteed to endure heavy use. The blades of this meat grinder come fully enclosed to avoid any possibility of injuries.

This meat grinder has two stainless steel plates which allow fine and coarse grinding. Another great feature is that this metal grinder is dishwasher safe thus very easy to clean. It also features a meat pusher which enables you to push the meat to the blade safely.

The Gideon hand crank manual meat grinder is lightweight, weighing around 2.5 pounds and measures 10.9-inches by 6.7-inches by 6.1-inches. The best part about this meat grinder is that you can quickly disassemble and assemble when cleaning it. You can use this meat grinder to create gourmet burgers, meatballs, sausages, and more.


Key Features of Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder

  • Constructed from heavy-duty plastic and stainless steel
  • Robust construction with a powerful suction base for a stable operation
  • The parts are dishwasher safe hence effortless to clean and maintain
  • Doesn’t require electricity to run
  • Easy to disassemble making convenient when it comes to cleaning and wiping
  • Includes meat pusher for safety and convenience
  • Comes including 2 stainless steel plates for coarse or fine grinding
  • Comes with two mincing plates and stainless steel screens
  • Capable of mincing garlic and puree vegetables
  • Weighs 2.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.9-inches by 6.7-inches by 6.1-inches





  • It is affordable.
  • It is pretty straightforward to clean.
  • It is easy to operate considering it doesn’t require electricity.
  • It is easy to disassemble and assemble.
  • This meat grinder ensures your safety since the stainless steel blades come fully enclosed.



  • The suction cup of this grinder is not strong enough to hold it on the counter.
  • It is tough to remove the plates at the front of this meat grinder after use.



If you are searching for the best manual meat grinder under $30, then the Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder is an excellent choice. This meat grinder doesn’t require electricity to run and comes including two stainless steel plates for coarse and fine grinding. It features a stainless steel and heavy duty plastic that ensures durability and long life performance. This meat grinder is worth buying if you have a tight budget.


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